Become The Best Role In Our Personal Relationship


Life is too short to be used as usual. To make the best of our life, we must do the best and be outstanding in every role that we live everyday. Is that as a child, boyfriend, friend, brother or sister.
So, what should we do to be somebody’s somebody?


Because almost every day I meet, we consider all gifts and parents' love to be normal. As a result, our sense of appreciation is reduced. To be an outstanding child, give your parents respect that they deserve, it's not that hard!

  • Don't be stingy. For the next week, try to be thankful every time Daddy or Mommy do what we have always considered normal. Then pay attention, is there a difference?
  • No Complaining. If asked for help at home, immediately do it without debating at length. If told to study, immediately turn off the TV and do homework. If told to massage Papa, let's take out our best massage moves.
  • Do More Than You're Expected. If you ask us to do the dishes, then just clean the sink. If usually parents are quite satisfied with the value of our good report cards, try to stay better. If daddy (finally) gives us permission to drive on his own, all know how to maintain the car.


Our brother or sister is the person who understands us most everyday, they see us as we are. Siblings aren't just blood brothers, they're also friends for life. So it would be nice if we always get along and become outstanding sister.
  • Be Their Guardian. Keeping each other is rule # 1 for every sisterhood or brotherhood. Who said that only older brothers can take care of us and can't reverse it? We can protect him from wrong girlfriend or always stop smoking.
  • Be Their Role Model. If we have a younger sibling, then being a role model is our duty for life. All our steps and life choices will always be seen by them. If our younger siblings don't go up in class or fall into negative things, (in part) it's also our responsibility.
  • Be The Bridge. Let's try to make peace by being neutral. If the younger sister is scolded by Mama again, try to open a discussion forum so that the problem can be solved. By not taking sides and always looking for a middle ground, we are also increasingly loved by the whole house.

The saying that feeling loved and loving is the most beautiful gift. To be a non-standard in relationship, we don't have to do things beyond the normal limits!
  • ·        Be independent. By always asking to be picked up or accompanied, it will prove that we are girls who are not independent and less resilient. After all, if the frequency of meeting, courtship feels 'crisp'!
  • ·       Sweet Surprises. Every once in a while, try giving a small little gift to your girlfriend/boyfriend when the one she thinks is the most unexpected. The value doesn't have to be expensive. We can send one cake slice to its class, suddenly appear at one of the basketball matches, or come to his house with a pan of homemade lasagna. Hmm ... we might also be bombarded with surprise from him!
  • ·       Don’t Say "Yes" All The Time. Regarding her boyfriend, don't automatically agree to any opinions and negative behavior. If he does something that is contrary to the way we think, just say it. Maybe he felt unmood at first, but after that of course he would judge us as girlfriends who could give positive advice and have strong principles.

“A good friend is a connection to life –a tie to the past, a road to the future, the key to sanity in a totally insane world.”- Lois Wyse.

All must agree if friendship is one of the greatest things in the world. But friendship doesn't happen easily without effort! To create solid friendships, we need to upgrade our friendship skills.
  • Open Up. By opening up and letting friends know us for who we are, we make them feel trusted and valuable. It's only natural if we feel uncomfortable or nervous about people's judgment, but if it's too closed, our way to get true friends can also be closed. Ops, but be careful to choose who we deserve to trust!
  • No Gossiping. Especially if the gossip spreader is your own friend! Trust is vital in friendship. If there are things we don't like from a friend, we can immediately tell him. Never Talk behind her back
  • Bring Out The Best Of Her. Many people cannot bring out their maximum potential, simply because there is no one who encourages and reminds him if he can. An amazing friend is able to make his best friend do the big things he thinks he can't. Continue to give him encouragement until he succeeds in achieving his goals
Consciously, it turns out that it is outstanding by prioritizing others. If we are able to use the other people feel important, you will also win their heart and attentions.

To be max, read my article about "how to build respect in Relationship" :) , Goodluck!

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