"WHO I AM?", do we really know who we are?


"Youth, time to find identity". He said so. And it's true. Simply starting with the question "Who am I?" A simple question, but the answer makes the brain think repeatedly. Yeah right? Never felt that the environment around us was uncomfortable. So, all this time we just follow the flow, get along with the flow, move according to the flow, but actually there isn't something that makes us excited, what we do just flows.

For matters of socializing, surely every person has to sort out who to
be friends with. That is natural, because everyone must choose who is the right
person to be invited to accompany their daily lives. With myriad activities
every day, we will feel uncomfortable when sharing with the wrong people.

So, if all this time we
often hear comments "hang out with anyone don't choose friends,"
actually not really true. The truth is, make relations as broad as possible,
get to know many people. Always stay humble and kind to everyone. But the
matter of getting along with who, must be smart to choose.
The problem here, when we are already stuck in the flow, what should be
done? Get out of the stream or stay? The answer is simple, "Know
yourself." Simple, understanding it is complicated. "Who am I?"
The question is simple, but the answer is not easy. If you don't believe it,
just try asking yourself.

"Who am I?"
There must be someone who answered "I am a 21-year-old, living in Bandung,
still in college, still single too ..." It's just a girl's identity. Not
who we are. The answer from "Who am I?" Should be more than just
explaining self identity. We will never be able to know who we really are,
before we jump in and find out. So, how do we know who we really are?

Everyone, sometimes feeling jealous of what other people get, and instead like being modest. "If I were beautiful, surely I could be a model like them." Too busy thinking about being someone else. Until we forget to understand ourselves. Now, try to imagine, we are someone who has talent in the field of language. But, parents always compare us with friends who have talent in the field of Mathematics. When entering college, we and our friends are majoring in accordance with their respective talents. Parents don't feel satisfied, finally they always say "if you major in Mathematics like your friend, it's great, mommy and daddy must be proud."
Are our parents proud? Certainly. But, try asking yourself, are we proud? Maybe proud. But, this is where we will lose our identity. The purpose of the illustration is how people sacrifice about their understanding of themselves, and finally become someone else. What is the impact? we become less explored of the potential that exists, and make ourselves not progress.

There are still many people who don't know who he really is. There are
still many who live their lives not on the basis of their own goals and
desires, but on the basis of the wishes of others or over trends.
So, starting now, live what is the purpose of our lives.
Follow our interests and passion. Living the life what we ​​want is our
right, and fighting for it is an obligation that we must live.

Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of yourself is very important. Why?
Because knowing the strengths will make us able to explore further, and that
will make us more developed. When we know what our shortcomings are, surely we
can correct those shortcomings in order to get better.

So, try to list what our strengths and weaknesses are. Don't save the
list away from view. Save in the place we always see. The goal is that we
always remember that we have advantages and disadvantages. When we feel
inferior, embarrassed, scared and down, try to look at the list that we have
made, and it will remind us that we also have advantages. Don’t forget to mark
our deficiencies one by one that we can fix, make a target until when we have
to correct these deficiencies. Even though there are no perfect people,
improving ourselves is also a sign that we already know ourselves.
Everybody right here, What you need to do is be thankful For the life you got, you know what I'msayin? Stop lookin' at what you ain't got And start being thankful for what you dogot Let's give it to 'em baby girl - Live Your Life, T.I ft Rihanna
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